Wed 27th
Eloise Ansell
The Healing Nature of Intuition

Our intuition is always guiding us and supporting us to heal. BodyTalk is a system built on the premise that the body knows how to heal itself. Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons as we are all unique. When we look at the whole-person ~ emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and environmental influences ~ the true underlying causes of dis-ease can be observed.

Every choice, and every experience in one’s life, has contributed to the current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and injury has a unique story and a history. BodyTalk takes into consideration your whole-story. Your life-style, genetics and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalized approach to Healthcare that brings about lasting changes.

Eloise teaches that structuring the intuition can support us in all aspects of life and along with the BodyTalk System, she will be introducing us to the tool of Mindscape to help us do this. She will be offering a workshop in Glastonbury in the near future. Join us for this exciting evening and learn some methods to practice at home.

“I am passionate about helping people live a life of ease, laughter & guided by their intuition. This helps us really tap into our potential.” ~ Eloise

Eloise works with her own intuition every day in her work as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. She has clinics around the South of England, as well as around the World from Morocco to Australia. She is one of only 5 UK based instructors with the International BodyTalk System.

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Eloise Ansell MSc, AdvCBP, Par.BP, BAT, MSI
Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
MindScape Instructor
BodyTalk Access Trainer

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