Wed 5th
Dave Dobbs
What is the big blue planet we reinvent every 84 years? And why is the summer solstice such a potent and cosmic event? Welcome to Jupiter in a way you have never seen before…

Dave Dobbs is a seasoned Planet X filmmaker and author. His YouTube channel has exploded with not only incredible astronomical sightings from around the world but also momentous earth changes like the long-duration volcanoes in Iceland and La Palma in 2021, which broke all records ever recorded for long-duration volcanoes.

By 2020, it was commonplace to see rivers of cars being washed away almost every day somewhere in the world, with about 10 volcanoes simultaneously erupting.
Last year, in September and leading into October, 61 volcanoes simultaneously erupted, and now it’s no longer rivers of cars being washed away; it’s whole towns and cities.
When we consider that our local, most active volcano, Stromboli, has a big eruption, it produces about 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and is considered a small volcano compared to, say, Popecatapl in Mexico, which has been going off the record. Or Shevaluch on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, which has also been extremely volatile. Or Krakatoa, in Indonesia, that blew its entire caldera off and completely levelled itself in 2018 that Dobbs predicted just before it occurred, as there has been a very exacting pattern in the timings and a noticeable exponential increase in severity and carbon dioxide output.
Dave Dobbs will take you through the astronomical model he has developed to show how the fabled Blue Kachina of the Hopi prophecies and what we have come to know as Jupiter are one and the same thing. He will reveal a side of the solar system hidden by the Great Newtonian Deception, and we will explore what has been hiding in broad daylight for nearly 400 years! It’s been here and upon us for a very long time, but we’ve never had an astronomical model to conceive of its illusive movements. Well, not until now.
Dobbs will reveal how an astrological model has been used to disconnect us from the cosmos through the static sun: a heliocentric antiquated 500-year-old model we’ve believed in, now in tatters through new data that reveals a whole new astronomical landscape.

Goddess Hall,
Benedict Street.
Doors open at 6.3pm for a start at 7pm.
£8 (£7) on the door, including delicious teas and organic biscuits.
Tickets will be available in advance from Thursday, 30th May, at Figaro de Montmartre, 88a & 88b High Street, Glastonbury.
There will also be tickets on the door, subject to availability.
As a shoes~off venue, you may like to wear non-slippy socks or bring slippers.

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