Wed 12th
Brian Snyder
Nite Skool

Another presentation from Brian Snyder of ‘Your Body Never Lies,’ who previously demonstrated Body Language adjustments as well as EnergyWorks last year.
Nite Skool is a simple meditation that activates our ability to connect and receive information over distance. While we already connect subconsciously (did you ever know your friend was calling, before your phone rang?), Nite Skool begins the process of bringing that ability to our forefront, for our conscious use.
In this talk, you will hear about the history of Nite Skool, its uses in healing and prediction, as well as amazing stories of synchronicity that can only be explained through conscious use of the techniques. Results tell the truth. There will be plenty of time for Q & A.
Nite Skool is presented by Brian Snyder, founder of The ‘Your Body Never Lies’ College and developer of “Wing Release” body language adjustments. This is his fourth visit to Glastonbury in the past year, and he is sponsored by Frequency Medicine Center.
Nite Skool is an upper-level class at the online campus, but has no prerequisites for the full live workshop this Friday.

Tonight will be a taster of the Nite Skool workshop. The Nite Skool meditation itself is taught at the workshop, and this evening is a fun community evening to listen to interesting stories and to gain a flavour of YBNL and the YBNL College, which has online classes as well as in-person events when Brian is visiting Glastonbury.

Please see the YBNL website for details of the Nite Skool workshop and other events.

There is a section on the Online Campus specifically for Glastonbury.

Goddess Hall,
Benedict Street.
Doors open at 6.3pm for a start at 7pm.
£8 (£7) on the door, including delicious teas and organic biscuits.
As a shoes~off venue, you may like to wear non-slippy socks or bring slippers.

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