Autumn 2019



Hello! Please click on the picture boxes to see details of individual speakers and talks. All talk begin at 7.30pm. The doors open from 7pm. Talks take place at the […]


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November 2019

Wed 6th
Hugh le Prevost
Gandalf Speaks!
The History of Middle Earth Before
Lord of The Rings

In the latest of his series of talks and teaching through storytelling, Hugh le Prevost casts his gaze upon Middle Earth. The world created by J R Tolkien. In The […]

Wed 13th
Shyamasundar Das
Chasing Rhinos with the Swami:
My Amazing Life with Swami &
with George Harrison

‘I was born in the body of Samuel Speerstra, in Salem, Oregon, in May 1942. From early childhood I thrived on adventure and risk. After graduating from Reed College in […]

Wed 20th
Rebekah Shaman
Seeing Beyond the Illusion

When Rebekah returned  to London from the Amazon, twenty-one years ago, after her shamanic apprenticeship with Don Juanito, she was unable to find her way back! Stuck in the urban jungle, […]

Wed 27th
Pascal & Claire Roussey-Simon
Médecine Symbolique:
The Healing of The Soul and The Home

After an astounding series of talk, workshop and one-to-one sessions earlier this year, we are delighted to invite Claire and Pascal Roussey-Simon to Glastonbury Positive Living Group again to offer […]

Thurs 28th
Médecine Symbolique workshop:
The Energetic Body – The Aura:
Dowsing & Healing 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Some extraordinary and wonderful things happened for some of the participants in the group last May. Whether you attended the first one or whether this will be your first experience […]

Fri 29th
Médecine Symbolique
One-to-One Sessions with Claire & Pascal

On Friday 29th November, Claire & Pascal will be offering one-to-one healing sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality individual time with Claire & Pascal, bringing whatever you […]

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December 2019

Wed 4th
Peter Knight & Sue Wallace
Connecting with Albion’s Original Sacred Sites

Sue and Pete share their Quest to many of Albion’s magical, natural sacred places. Across England, Wales and Scotland they sought to connect with the spirit of place. They chanted, […]

Wed 11th
Nick Owen
The Breath of Life:
An Introduction to Deeper Mindfulness

What does it mean when a person who is dying tells you that their problem is that they have never breathed “the breath of life”? I remained puzzled by this […]

Glastonbury Positive Living
Maria-Teresa Harmer
Elen’s Flora:
The magical, folk and medicinal properties
of some Winter plants
associated with
Elen of the Ways

A warming evening at Abbey House just ahead of Winter Solstice with Maria-Teresa Harmer. Maria-Teresa Harmer is a Priestess of Elen within the Fellowship of Isis as well as a […]

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Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Blake’s Poetry in Song
A Divine Image
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Film clip from The Garden of Love, the opening piece to the Friday evening Festival event at The King Arthur, 10th August 2018 by Brakeman.  

The Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018
Link to the Festival Presentation & Book Launch, Information, Videos, William Blake oil sketch by Sara Clay

Glastonbury’s first ever William Blake Festival took place on the 8th, 9th & 10th August 2018. The events were a huge success and welcomed community connectivity, astounding literature, poetry, art […]

Blake’s Poetry in Song:
The Human Abstract
Green Walker
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

The magic of Green Walker.

Blake’s Poetry in Song:
On Another’s Sorrow
The Clod and the Pebble
Doors of Perception
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Two unique songs from Glastonbury’s Brilliant Blakean Musicians, Doors of Perception…

More videos + photos of Wednesday and Friday’s poetry and music coming soon, incl. the wonderful Michael Tyack & The Mystics of Avalon’s ‘Grey Monk’ – honouring Alan Ginsburg… Poetry […]

Blake’s Poetry in song
The Poison Tree
The Mystics of Avalon
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Film clip from The Garden of Love, the Friday evening Festival event at The King Arthur, 10th August 2018 feat. The Mystics of Avalon.

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About our Group

The group meets most Wednesday evenings, 7pm for 7.30pm, at Glastonbury Town Hall. Each week a talk is given by some of the most inspirational speakers in the field of alternative living, followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.
At certain times of the year we host the group on a different day of the week, sometimes a Thursday, or on multiple days such as part of a festival event.

The main aim of the weekly group meetings is to act as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in. Another aim of the group is to promote community living so wherever possible a local person will be the guest speaker.

The group is open to all those interested in bringing about personal and spiritual growth and global harmony. It is a wonderful way to relax and take some time for yourself and your own personal development, and well as a great way meet new people and make friends in the Glastonbury community. Come and join us each week for an evening of enlightenment!

Entrance is £5 on the door.

A message from us!

Dear friends, Welcome to Glastonbury Positive Living Group. Our aim is to continue to allow this very special space to flourish, where all who are living in or visiting Glastonbury are invited to meet regularly for stimulating, inspiring talks and presentations. We also invite you to enjoy a wide selection of delicious teas in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and above all, to connect with others, to make new friends and to strengthen existing friendships.


“These talks aren’t just platforms for a myriad of interesting people, they are also a warm, inviting space where people can feel engaged in a safe place.”

“Thank you so much for organising these meetings. I have loved every one I have been able to come to and greatly look forward to the ones to come.”

“Thank you for providing such an important and inspirational service in our community and in my case, the location for a life changing experience. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you so much for holding this space for community to come together, for friendships to be made and strengthened, for powerful learning and transformation to take place. Powerful stuff!”.

We facilitate a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in.