October 2018

Wed 3rd
Plastic Free Wells Team
Working With Wells:
Our Plastic Free Journey

Tonight we will be joined by three members of the Plastic Free Wells Team who will bring us insight into their fantastic project. Come along and find out who Plastic Free Wells […]

Thurs 11th
Geoff Stray
Glastonbury Underground:
What Lies Beneath the ‘Holiest Earthe’?

We’ve all heard the rumours about tunnels under the Abbey and Tor, but are they pure invention? If not, what were they for? And are they still there?   Back […]

Wed 17th
Madeleine Walker
Lyran Lion Light Code Transmissions

Tonight, Madeleine will talk about the lions she has interacted with in South Africa and how they facilitated her ‘remembering’ of her Lyran lion lineage. She has visited the white […]

Thurs 25th
Dr Alison J. Kay
Prosperity & Spirituality, Mundane & Sacred Merge in These Awakening Times

In this capitalistic, very harshly competitive society, huge numbers of people struggle financially. There are amazingly sensitive people in and around Glastonbury in particular, and deeply creative artists of all […]

Wed 31st
PLG hosts + friends
A Circle of Honouring:
Nature’s Cycles, Our Loved Ones, Our Ancestors, Ourselves

As the veil between the worlds grows thinner and the hearth fires are lit, gather your cloaks and dress finely to gather together in circle to honour the season and […]

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November 2018

Wed 7th
The Sounds of Harmony of The Heart, Mind and Soul

Another exquisite and unique evening as Tareth takes us into a powerful meditation and teaches us some techniques that bring a healing, peaceful harmony of heart mind and soul. This […]

Thurs 15th
Renchi Bicknell
Clarence Bicknell
– Man of Marvels –
Botanist, Artist, Esperantist,
friend of Dr Goodchild of the blue bowl,
Archaeologist discoverer of many thousands of
Bronze Age rock engravings in the Alpes Maritimes.

In tonight’s presentation and short film, Renchi, Marcus and Susie Bicknell tell the incredible story of their Great Great Uncle, Clarence Bicknell: Botanist, Artist, Pacifist, Esperantist, friend of Dr Goodchild […]

Wed 21st
Karuna Joy
An All Love Healing Journey
Positive Living evening
optional weekend workshop

An All Love Spiritual Healing Journey is a precious opportunity to dive deeply into our heart, heal our past, and connect with our spiritual light. This beautiful, transformational healing energy […]

Wed 28th
Neil Spencer
The Astrology of The Avalonians

The artists, historians, visionaries and myth-makers who have helped regenerate Glastonbury as a spiritual centre in modern times are justly celebrated; among them Katherine Maltwood, Wellesley Tudor Pole, Dion Fortune, […]

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Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Blake’s Poetry in Song
A Divine Image
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Film clip from The Garden of Love, the opening piece to the Friday evening Festival event at The King Arthur, 10th August 2018 by Brakeman.  

The Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018
Link to the Festival Presentation & Book Launch, Information, Videos

Glastonbury’s first ever William Blake Festival took place on the 8th, 9th & 10th August 2018. The events were a huge success and welcomed community connectivity, astounding literature, poetry, art […]

Blake’s Poetry in Song:
The Human Abstract
Green Walker
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

The magic of Green Walker.

Blake’s Poetry in Song:
On Another’s Sorrow
The Clod and the Pebble
Doors of Perception
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Two unique songs from Glastonbury’s Brilliant Blakean Musicians, Doors of Perception…

More videos + photos of Wednesday and Friday’s poetry and music coming soon, incl. the wonderful Michael Tyack & The Mystics of Avalon’s ‘Grey Monk’ – honouring Alan Ginsburg… Poetry […]

Blake’s Poetry in song
The Poison Tree
The Mystics of Avalon
Glastonbury William Blake Festival 2018

Film clip from The Garden of Love, the Friday evening Festival event at The King Arthur, 10th August 2018 feat. The Mystics of Avalon.

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About our Group

The group meets most Wednesday evenings, 7pm for 7.30pm, at Glastonbury Town Hall. Each week a talk is given by some of the most inspirational speakers in the field of alternative living, followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.
At certain times of the year we host the group on a different day of the week or on multiple days, such as part of a festival event.

The main aim of the weekly group meetings is to act as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in. Another aim of the group is to promote community living so wherever possible a local person will be the guest speaker.

The group is open to all those interested in bringing about personal and spiritual growth and global harmony. It is a wonderful way to relax and take some time for yourself and your own personal development, and well as a great way meet new people and make friends in the Glastonbury community. Come and join us each week for an evening of enlightenment!

Entrance is £5 on the door.

A message from us!

Dear friends, Welcome to Glastonbury Positive Living Group. Our aim is to continue to allow this very special space to flourish, where all who are living in or visiting Glastonbury are invited to meet regularly for stimulating, inspiring talks and presentations. We also invite you to enjoy a wide selection of delicious teas in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and above all, to connect with others, to make new friends and to strengthen existing friendships.


“These talks aren’t just platforms for a myriad of interesting people, they are also a warm, inviting space where people can feel engaged in a safe place.”

“Thank you so much for organising these meetings. I have loved every one I have been able to come to and greatly look forward to the ones to come.”

“Thank you for providing such an important and inspirational service in our community and in my case, the location for a life changing experience. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you so much for holding this space for community to come together, for friendships to be made and strengthened, for powerful learning and transformation to take place. Powerful stuff!”.

We facilitate a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in.