Wed 19th
Laurent Chausson
Pleiadian Channelling & Light Codes:
Channelling Unconditional Love from the Spiritual Realms

Laurent Chausson, French multidimensional channeller and catalyst, invites us to receive channellings of Light Codes. Everyone will be invited to open their resonance to angelic energy, if they would like to.

“Today I am experiencing an immense joy in this indescribable presence which only leaves me for short moments, and I am delighted to find all those of you who, like me, can no longer do anything but respond to this call of what we have always been: consciousness.” Laurent Chausson

In 2000, the ability to channel the spiritual realms spontaneously awakened in Laurent’s consciousness. His instinct was to ground his practice by initiating an agreement and conscious cooperation with non-physical entities, angels, archangels, the ascended masters, and the stellar families. This agreement, unchanged, states that each spiritual guide should be inseparable from the law of oneness and that channelled transmissions should have the sole purpose of awakening wisdom, love, and consciousness in the listeners / receivers. The result of this long and loving relationship is a palpable intimacy from the channeller and his spiritual guides, often easily felt as pure love by people attending the transmissions. Laurent navigates through various fields of consciousness and joyously shares with others, his exploration and experience of oneness. His great stability is to be grounded in a healthy and structured ego-self, and to be experienced in the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen, non-dual approach, as well as the continuous blessings of channelled high-vibrationary transmissions.
Laurent’s practice is to awaken into  peace and openness of the heart. This, in turn, allows others to reconnect with the light of their own essence.

Goddess Hall,
Benedict Street.
Doors open at 6.3pm for a start at 7pm.
£8 (£7) on the door, including delicious teas and organic biscuits.
Tickets are available in advance from Figaro de Montmartre, 88a & 88b High Street, Glastonbury.
There will also be tickets on the door, subject to availability.
As a shoes~off venue, you may like to wear non-slippy socks or bring slippers.

« Channeling unconditional love from the spiritual realms »
Laurent CHAUSSON french multidimensional channeler and catalyst
workshops – residential and on-line spiritual retreats

Laurent’s website and YouTube videos are in French, but he will be speaking in English for both his evening with us, and during his Sacred Activations Group Sessions on Thursday, 20th, and Friday, 21st June.

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