Sat 25th
Tim Whild, Miriam Beck, Vivianne of Lorien: The Inner Light Forge Energy Cards Launch in Glastonbury

We enjoyed a very deep, inspiring, and energetically profound evening with the wonderful Tim Whild just under ten days ago in the centre of Glastonbury, culminating in an immensely powerful group meditation.

As Tim said ahead of his talk, as the world entered January, we were promised cosmic fireworks and the heavens have not disappointed! We discussed how the Lightworkers of Earth are facing unique and unprecedented times with every day presenting a new and unexpected challenge. What we are doing on Earth has never been attempted anywhere in the Universe and every one of us has an important role to play.

Prior to this visit, Tim Whild last came to Glastonbury to speak in 2019 before the world changed forever. During his talk this month, he provided valuable insights, techniques, energy work, and humour to explain where we are and what is actually going on around us. Glastonbury is the heart centre of the planet and there is work to do!

This Saturday morning, 25th May, the very special set of ‘Heart and Soul’ Oracle cards by Tim Whild and Miriam Beck, illustrated exquisitely by Vivienne of Lorien, will be launched by Tim, Miriam, and Vivienne. Tim says that when we use them, these are not your average Oracle deck! Each card is an incredibly powerful portal, taking you into a different state: a dimension space of the frequncy of the card. They have included invocations and energy work with each card. You can use them on a daily basis to advance as fast or as slowly as you wish to along your ascension path.
You can journey with one single cards for as long as you wish to, or you can use multiple cards ~ and in a multi-faceted way! The cards ar suitable for everyone: beginners and the advanced.

This will take place at approximately 11.30am at Vivienne’s shop, where you can meet all three creators and choose your own set of the cards. This is the official launch of the cards and prior to this, there have been online pre-orders only.

The address of the shop is: Many Visions Unit 3 Abbey Mews 56-58 High Street, Glastonbury.
Abbey Mews is a little indoor mews arcade with the entrance on Glastonbury High Street.
If you were to walk up the High Street, the entrance to the arcade is on the right-hand side of the High Street, just past 100 Monkeys cafe and just before Elaichi Indian restaurant. There is a large Comic shop and then a Cooper & Tanner Estate agents more-or-less opposite the arcade.
Once you enter the arcade, Many Visions is a couple of shops in. There will be a banner of the cards on display.

Tim Whild is a lightworker, crystal lover and ascension enthusiast from Dorset, UK. For almost 30 years now on his spiritual path Tim has been reaching many souls in different ways.

Miriam Beck is a spiritual teacher from Northern Germany, amongst other things a trained Akashic Chronicle medium and healer of the New Age.

Vivienne of Lorien is a spiritual teacher, artist, poet and healer from Glastonbury, UK. Her powerful artwork helps thousands of people on their path.  


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