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David Pye
The Truth about Death and Reincarnation.

In “The Truth about Death and Reincarnation”, David Pye relates the amazing work of Dr Helen Wambach who in the 1970s regressed groups of people to past lives and enabled them to record their experiences. She then correlated the data against historical facts to produce the nearest thing to scientific proof of reincarnation. David couples this with the ground breaking work of Dr Michael Newton who hypnotically regressed thousands of individuals to the period before they were born to build a fascinating kaleidoscope of the life between lives. The results are incredible and effects each and every one of us, changing our whole view on life and giving insight into the reasons why we incarnated here on planet earth.

David Pye lives near Glastonbury in Somerset with his partner Christine. He spent 20 years as a research scientist and is currently an IT consultant. He also holds a Masters degree in digital media production. Over the last 20 years David has set up several UK companies, two of which have gone forward to become successful local charities with over 30 employees. These charities specialise in energy efficiency and organic gardening. David is a member of the council of the International Vegetarian Union where he serves as treasurer. As well as being a trustee of Vegetarian for Life, he is also a trustee and Fellow of the UK Vegetarian Society and served as their Chair for several years. His particular area of interest is the environmental aspect of vegetarianism and he has spoken at several international congresses on this topic. He came across the work of Dr Helen Wambach several years ago and regards it of such high importance that he set up this website in 2016 and gives talks to promote this ground breaking research.

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