Wed 14th
Rosemary Adams
The Nature of Reality

Rosemary is a qualified astrologer who for many years developed chart readings for clients and children of clients and wrote a weekly astrology column for Irish radio and occasional articles for astrological journals in England, Ireland and Italy. For thirty years she also worked alongside this as an international legal translator and occasional interpreter and for four years worked in the field of statistical psychology.

Her lifelong interest has been in the world of spirit and her talk will cover the nature of reality from several viewpoints.  She hopes to show why reality isn’t what we are led to expect and will talk about her own experiences as a mystic and about what her visions might mean for our view of reality.
Rosemary presently hears from higher spiritual beings, in particular a Lady, whom she has been told is the Lady of Avalon, and this lady has brought a message of love.

The talk will be in two parts: firstly about reality itself and why our view of it is so “off”, and the second part will look at the astrology of the next few years which may be quite dramatic.  You don’t need a knowledge of astrology for the talk as it won’t be too technical.  If there is time, we may also talk about coincidence.

‘I know where the crows fly’ is Rosemary’s autobiography about times during her life when she lived in different worlds. She has also written a very humorous adult fairy tale ‘Temporary Periods of Joy’ and both of these are available on Amazon.

Rosemary will be travelling to Glastonbury from her home in Ireland for the talk and looks forward very much to meeting us all.

In advance of the evening at 7.30pm, you can listen to Rosemary in interview with Presenter Steve Lee on Glastonbury FM Radio earlier during the evening at 5.15pm on

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