Wed 6th July ~ The Peacock Angel ~ Hugh le Prevost

The Peacock Angel is the creative energy that informs the whole universe, and particularly our planet and our place within it. It is the origin of the universe and all the planetary systems. It has a rainbow energy that runs through everything, whether animate or inanimate.

Also known as Tawsi Melek, the Peacock Angel’s influence continues throughout history following the development and evolution of humanity. His greatest worshippers, the Yezidis believe that he is every place in the universe at every moment and is, therefore, always available for support and protection to anyone who sincerely calls upon him. The Yezidis call upon his assistance to help meet all their needs. To those who call upon him with great devotion, Tawsi Melek may manifest in a variety forms, including a bright light, a rainbow, a boy, a young man, a snake, and, of course, a peacock. And there is another mysterious figure involved, known as The Old Man of The Mountains…

The Yezide (Yazidis) are a Kurdish religious peoples living predominantly in northern Iraq, Syria, and southeast Turkey, with well-established communities in the Caucasus and a growing European diaspora. This talk is inspired by their
plight as they have been ~ and are ~ being cruelly persecuted for their faith and individuality.

Born in Guernsey, Hugh le Prevost was inspired to seek the truth, becoming a Lay Minister at an early age and pursuing the practice and teachings of this for many years until, inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Christian Rozenkreuz, he was drawn to travel and the exploration of sacred sites around the world and the wide study of mystical teachings.
Hugh has lived in Glastonbury for 15 years as he continues to lecture and to pursue his studies with appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that Britain and other lands have to offer.

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