Wed 13th July ~ My Incredible Journey with the Orbs – A Voyage of Discovery and Transformation with Anna Leonie

I have often been approached with many questions about the meaning of orbs: what or who they are, what is their purpose and why they come so close to us at this present time. Never before in the history of humanity have so many orbs drawn so close to earth, in such large numbers and so frequently. More and more people are becoming aware of their divine presence; but there is the constant question: why? what? who?
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So I would like to invite you to join me for an evening of clarity and discovery; an evening focused on the answers to these frequently asked and often puzzling questions, and a sharing of my own deeply personal journey with these divine beings of light; how they carried me through a particularly traumatic time of my life with their messages of healing, love and light – through my very own dark night of the soul.
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It was some years ago when I was on a sacred sites spiritual tour that I began photographing orbs. And at first this happened only occasionally, but gradually as my journey unfolded they began to appear more and more, until almost every time I picked up my camera – there they were in all their splendour: beautiful shapes, colours, vibrations and sizes. And through the loving support of my spiritual guide the Ascended Master Almora, I was encouraged to meditate on these most magnificent beings, and by so doing discovered just what their purpose is. And I have never looked back since! A real whirlwind of a journey began!

Please join us for a wonderful evening of orb magic and inspiration!
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