Wed 17th August ~ BodyTalk: An Introduction with Charlotte Nielsen

BodyTalk is Whole Healthcare and a unique health care system that uses biofeedback to communicate with the body to discover its healing needs and priorities. Using no manipulation, diagnosis or remedies, the body is brought gently back into its natural individual balance using the whole story of a persons life to locate the underlying causes of many illnesses.

Charlotte Nielsen will introduce and demonstrate BodyTalk and teach a brain balancing technique to enhance Brain function, clarity, concentration, memory and Improve stress management.

The Body Talk Fundamentals training will be offered in Glastonbury from October 6th to 9th and this is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and meet Charlotte.

About Charlotte:

When Charlotte came across BodyTalk fourteen years ago she immediately knew she had found the comprehensive system – bringing findings and knowledge from many other systems together – she had been hoping and searching for. She has thoroughly enjoyed seeing, and being a part of, the growth and expansion of BodyTalk for the past decade and a half.

She has been continuously inspired and enthused by her work with clients since becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2001, witnessing many people of all ages and walks of life transforming their lives in a myriad of individual ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Charlotte encourages everyone to try BodyTalk to experience what this gentle and comprehensive approach to balancing with the whole person in mind can do for each individual person.

Charlotte has been teaching the philosophy and practical application of BodyTalk certified as a BodyTalk Access Trainer since 2007 and a BodyTalk Instructor since 2008. Offering classes both in English and in her native language Danish, in several European countries. At the 2011 International IBA conference she received the award for the BodyTalk Access Trainer having taught the most students worldwide in the previous two years, and in 2013 a ‘BodyTalk Access Trainer High Achiever’ award. She is looking forward to connecting many more people with BodyTalk in the years ahead.

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