Wed 28th September ~ What is The Journey? ~ Gill Routledge

The Journey’ is a simple therapeutic process of accessing and releasing stored emotion. It is simple, gentle and effective at freeing us from old emotional and physical blocks. It takes us to a place of ‘Love’ at the core of our being, it is our true essence.

How have your beliefs and conditioning impacted your ability to give and receive love, and how has this affected your relationships?

About Gill Gill The Journey

Gill Routledge trained as a General Nurse and worked in various areas within the NHS and private sector for over 30 years. The initial reason for working in this profession was because of the desire to ‘Make a Difference’. Gill became physically ill herself while neglecting her own needs while caring for others. She was drawn to complementary health because of the frustration of witnessing the sickness mentality within the NHS and dependence placed on the medical profession by patients.

Gill recently qualified as a facilitator for ‘Living Well’ courses run by Penny Brohn UK, a Cancer charity based in Bristol.

Gill trained with Brandon Bays in 2006, and now runs Journey Intensive at Home events the first of which in 2012.

Consultations are available on a one to one basis, Workshops and experiential days using Journey skills. Skype sessions and telephone support is also available. Talks, presentations and workshopson Love and Relationships are being held in West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

‘The Journey’ can help with:

Chronic fatigue
Cancer treatment
Connecting with Love
Depression and grief

What is involved during the evening?

Gill will be sharing her story and through interaction and group work she will introduce you to a simple step by step process using guided imagery, relaxation techniques and uncovering the core issues lying underneath surface emotions.

NLP based work is demonstrated which helps to programme healthy resources into the system to change an old perspective and unlock limiting beliefs.

‘The Journey helps us to deal with the past, look confidently to the future. It allows us to be the best we can possibly be.’
The Journey

“Working with The Journey now for over three years has changed my life”. D.R. London

“Since doing my Journey with Gill I have found more clarity and focus in my life. I cannot think of a better person to facilitate a Journey. Gill is empathic, compassionate and understanding. She made the whole process fluid and natural, putting me at my ease throughout the whole experience. I found it uplifting, revealing and thought provoking”. Lisa

“I want to share and thank you for the remarkable success I experienced from ‘The Journey’ work I did with you. I had considerable physical female health problems culminating with a large cyst on my ovary and cancer cells in my cervix.

“I have gained new insights today into love and relationships with myself and others, and I feel more committed to better communication now.” Helen

“I have enjoyed spending the day with other like- minded people. Gills warmth and understanding has been invaluable. I gained peace from the guided meditation. Thank you so much for all the healing.” Val

“Gill has such a gentle, genuine caring spirit and I have earned so many new things from the day. The Journey revealed old and unhelpful beliefs, which was profound for me and truly enlightening.” Nina

“I have a sense of wholeness that hasn’t always been here.” Henry

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