Wed 27th January ~ Journey of the Heart ~ In Conversation with Fiona Almeleh

‘Don’t hide your heart but reveal it
so that mine might be revealed
and I might accept what I am capable of’.

~ Mathnawi

When we tap into the innate source of our creative freedom, joy increases in our lives and profound change takes place which invites greater lightness of being. We see life through the lens of compassion and love. This in turn, opens the door to a renewed sense of purpose, hope and vision; greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and a deeper insight into the miraculous nature of the human spirit. There is the desire to speak one’s truth and to act responsibly and with integrity; to live authentically, empathetically and attune to life through the Higher Heart.

Fiona Almeleh –
Course Facilitator, Empath, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Healer and Sacred Space Holder, Creative Colour and Art Therapist, Author and Artist
Fiona was born in what was previously known as Salisbury, Rhodesia and later became Harare, Zimbabwe and has since resided in South Africa, England and Scotland.
Her life is focused on living creatively in the Higher Heart and assisting others to do the same.
Fiona qualified as a fine and graphic artist in Natal South Africa in the 1970’s and turned to publishing and illustrating in the 80’s. From the early 90’s she trained as a Colour Therapist and honed her gift of Intuitive Healing and Seership. Currently her main area of specialist knowledge includes Empathic Mentoring and the facilitation of an Integrated Self Awareness in others. This is a form of Life Coaching and a powerful tool for self-reflection.

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