Wed 20th January ~ Bearfoot Walking and Temple Of Ursa ~ Louisa Potter

The Temple of Ursa, a space for all those whose hearts are called to connect to and honour the Spirit of She Bear in Brigid’s Isles.

How would it be to see bears roaming this land again ? How would it be to feel the Spirit of She Bear wake in your heart ? She is sleeping below this land and as She sleeps and snores Her messages drift up through the earth….listen, listen for Her.

Louisa Potter ~ ‘Weezer’ ~ is following the footsteps of the She Bear, creating workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and strengthen our connection to the land.

Temple of Ursa Workshops

are woven from four concepts called the

‘Four Pawprints of Sleeping Bear’

In this evening, Louisa will create a beautiful space in which we will be introduced to this deeply earth-connected Shamanic work.

In her Barefoot Walking workshops, we learn steps in which we can release old blocks with the Fire Walk, burning what no longer serves us and using this bright energy as fuel to give us light and heat. In the Glass Walk we are lead in meditative mindfulness
through the path of all that has been in our lives so far, both the difficult sharp edges and the moments of sparkling beauty. We Reflect on it all and know what it is to trust the next step forwards… Weezer will introduce us to these and other deep paths of transformation.

Further information about Weezer and her work can be found at:

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