Wed 13th January ~ Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac With Anthony Thorley & John Wadsworth

In this talk, Anthony and John will take you on a fascinating tour of the Glastonbury Zodiac and its mysteries. This eleven mile circle of giant zodiacal effigies, mapped out subtly in the rivers, contours and ancient trackways of the Somerset countryside, was discovered by Katharine Maltwood in the 1920s, and it has proved a source of revelation and serendipity ever since. John & Anthony have been leading groups on a monthly pilgrimage in the landscape figures for the past seven years, as part of their zodiac mystery school programme, “The Alchemical Journey”, and in this talk, they will share some of the wonders of this marvellous imaginal adventure.

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John is a professional astrologer, teacher, writer and pioneer of astrological theatre. He runs the Kairos School of Astrology. He holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and is the founder of The Alchemical Journey.

Anthony has been researching landscape energies and leading pilgrimages for over thirty years. He teaches Sacred Geography at the University of Wales, Trinity St David, where he is studying for a PhD on the conceptual basis of landscape zodiacs as sacred space. He has been co-facilitating The Alchemical Journey with John for the past six years.
John Wadsworth Anthony Thorley

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