Wed 6th January ~ New Year, MORE You! ~ Lasare Maloney

Lasare New Year More YOUPersonal Transformation Coach, Lasare Maloney joins us to start the New Year off with some vavoom! Bringing 25 years of experience in exploring how we can change our state of mind, emotions and manifestations, Lasare will take you on a ride into amazing new possibilities for 2016!

With a background in Spiritual Psychology, Law of Attraction Teachings, Sound and Movement Practices, EFT and other Energy Clearing Tools, Lasare’s approach to waking up to who we are is vitalising and yet grounded. From her work on retreats, her radio show, online groups and individual coaching, Lasare has been honing her craft in inspiring people worldwide to let go of limiting beliefs, judgments and fears.

Tonight Lasare will discuss practical tools, attitudinal changes and vibrational understanding for an entirely new Paradigm of Self-knowledge and Self-expression. Inherent in her work is the incitation to us to recognise the Divine inside ourselves and to discover our own unique ways to let our light shine!

So bring your highest hopes for the New Year, prepare to let go of the old stories you’ve carried and to take some powerful new steps towards the freedom and joy that you want to be living with!

You may have seen Lasare’s articles in the Glastonbury Oracle, giving a new spin on playing with Law of Attraction and manifesting more of what you do want in every area of your life. To read more about her work with individuals and couples, please visit or check out her facebook page Personal Transformation with Lasare Maloney.
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