Wed 2nd December – Alan Payne – Metaphysical Iridology

Alan PayneFollowing on from his last talk at Glastonbury PLG, tonight Alan will show how Iridology works on more than just the physical level. Through the eyes it is possible to determine many personality traits and to discover how the subject relates to his or her personal world and the world around them. This branch of iridology allows the practitioner to know even a perfect stranger at a very deep and personal level. Imagine being able to tell whether someone is emotionally motivated or more analytically motivated, whether they are extrovert or introvert, left brain dominant or right brain dominant. Are they dynamic high achievers? Do they have high ideals? All of these traits and many more can be seen through the eyes.

Physical and Metaphysical Iridology can be used to assess ways of bringing the body into alignment in order to positively influence healing and to help to plan preventative treatment. Included in the talk will be examples of Kharmic signs, Time Risk signs and Qi Energy signs.

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