Wed 9th December – Olaf Christiansen – The Cosmic and Esoteric Secrets of the Loom

This is a unique opportunity to join Olaf in presenting his lifelong experience of the world of the loom and the creation of handmade fabrics. From the perspectives of Anthroposophy and engineering he will share the spiritual and practical insights arising from his personal, creative journey.

The loom and the practice of weaving may seem outdated to many people, dull and dry, like artwork you think is interesting but doesn’t merit more than a glance. Handmade fabrics hold many secrets. Not attached to paper, cloth or a wall, like a painting, the handloom is a living, engaging and therapeutic experience, which has nurtured humanity for centuries.

Olaf’s intention is to delve into the world of creative fabric design, to share some of the hidden symbology and lost techniques of the handloom, and to talk about the cosmic and esoteric influence it can have on a human being.

Some of the topics that will be discussed:

A brief history of the handloom
How the small handloom meets modern expressive needs
Weaving with a loom as the tapestry of life / the life stages
Warp beam – Frame – Combing / Sun – Earth – Moon / Think – Free will – Feel
Relationships with the world of engineering
Three types of woven fabric: Linen, Wall hangings & Belts
The relationship to knitting and crocheting
Practical demo of weaving with a small handloom and a chance to try it out yourself

Roberto “Olaf” Christiansen was born and raised in Argentina from a German-Norwegian family who were involved in the early stages of Steiner’s Anthroposophic movement in Buenos Aires. He went to the first Waldorf School in the capital and learned about spinning and weaving with a loom. He then studied engineering and worked in the family business of decorative fabrics. He also manufactured and sold small looms successfully, parallel to offering numerous classes and courses. Later he combined his findings with Eastern philosophies and Rudolf Steiner’s approach to Anthroposophy.

Olaf now lives in a beautiful mountainous area, south of Buenos Aires. He builds fountains and ponds with aquatic plants and specialises in cultivating water lilies.

For further reading and info (in Spanish)

*Please note that this presentation will be in Spanish with simultaneous translation by his son Pablo, a well-loved Glastofarian!

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