Wed 13th ~ The Dynamic Sphere: Geronimo, O Sensei, Babaji, and the Breath that connects them – Dave Balian

Geronimo, O Sensei, Babaji, and The Dynamic Sphere.
The lives of these great mystics have a common thread. They all had a connected understanding of how energy flows through and around the body, and how breathing in certain ways compliments and empowers it. From Four-Fold Breathing, Ki Breathing, and Neutralising Breath we will link with an understanding of the human condition and find ways of strengthening our dynamic sphere of energy and extending our Ki for the benefit of all.

Dave Balian, student of Ki Breathing and Kiatsi, organic gardener, storyteller and musician, will tell us their incredible stories and share these wonderful, uplifting breathing meditations.

For further information, classes, gigs and gardening! you can email Dave at

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