Wed 6th ~ Playing in the Field: Luminosities and the Elemental Kingdom ~ Fiona Almeleh

An invitation to an exciting, interactive and thought provoking presentation with Fiona Almeleh.
‘Playing in the Field’ covers a body of Fiona’s work in the exploration and raising of consciousness awareness. Join her for this mind-expanding and heart-opening evening as she shares some of her experiences of the subtler fields of energy that interpenetrate our own with amazingly, captivating photographs.

This presentation is an ‘Interdimensional Portfolio’; an exploration and invitation to explore opening a sacred portal to these finer levels of dimensional realities, furthering communication and also primarily effecting a renewed positivity, commitment to guardianship and collaboration for the highest good of all living beings and our beautiful Mother Earth.

“My greatest teachers through this experience have been ‘discernment’ and ‘integrity’. My wish for you in this exchange is a sense of wonder and joy!”

See more of Fiona’s inspired work at

Following the success of Fiona’s exquisite and powerful workshop in February, there will be another opportunity to work with Fiona in a small, friendly group on Sunday 10th April.

Journey of the Heart ~ A workshop.

A celebration, invitation and sharing of the gift of Presence with Fiona Almeleh.

Beyond ideas of limitation, we are limitless expression within the Cosmic Heart, living in the Sacred Now with Love, Respect, Reciprocity and Joy. This is the key to our highest personal and unified evolvement with each other and all life. It is our Mastery.

Living in the ‘Now’ offers creative initiation; new ground; a challenge to grow and transform through aligning with the radiant wisdom of the Heart.

Join me for a day of blissful surrender and joyful awakening – an opportunity to re-activate the third-eye through the radiance of Love, Compassion and Empathy.

This workshop is to focus one in the Heart, so that ultimately we all speak a shared language of the Heart, one that respects and honours all life and where we all Thrive.

“Each class holds the pure essence of the moment, free of contrived structure, allowing for the full expression of the higher heart.” – Kheyrne Danu

Sunday 10th April
The Miracles Room
The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard
(Through the Courtyard behind Courtyard Books/The Blue Note Cafe, turn right after passing the Goddess gift shop and go up the wooden stairs beside the golden Buddha statue).
9.30 for 10am start ~ 4.30pm.
£40 with concs. available (please enquire if so).
Booking is in advance. Please phone or text 07930007419 or email
fiona almeleh

Fiona offers one-to-one Readings, Guidance and Mentoring.

1 hour session with Fiona Almeleh
(On a donation basis)

Empathic Divination, Healing and Re-Alignment through the radiant wisdom of the Higher Heart

These sessions aim to focus one in the Heart, so that ultimately we all speak a shared language of the Heart; one that respects and honours all life and where we all Thrive.”

“Where your awareness is, is where you are! What has brought you to that awareness is your constant, I, regardless of the theater, actors and props of your life. Something complete, has summoned a focused, sensory and conscious wakeful presence in you and knowing this, can change everything in your current and local environment, both inner and outer.

There is no separation and your experience of your, I Am, gently brings you home to, All that Is. These star bursts of illumined truth, punctuate each and every human life and it’s this radiation of connection that illumines the path to full Divine reunion.

To book a session contact – 07921856633 or email

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