Wed 20th ~ Overture to Peace – An evening of harp, song and journeys ~ Vicki Burke

As I journey into the labyrinth, join me as I contemplate my own relationship between religion and spirituality and come to terms with the minotaur that lies within the heart of me.
As I journey through the 6 petals of the labyrinth I reflect on my own personal history to try and understand a little more where we are on our journey towards world peace.

vicki burke profile
Vicki Burke is a musician, healer and writer. Starting her life as a saxophonist, the turn of the Millennium brought an interest in healing and self discovery which led to combining the two with the harp. Songwriting was her first venture which then grew into her first journey: “Keys to the Golden City – A Musical Journey around the Cosmos”. This evolved into sound/healing workshops and then a book.
Last year she wrote a play based on the idea of reconciliation set in the Middle East called “Return to the Golden City”. “Overture to Peace” is the third journey Vicki has brought to this group, an unmissable event for those keen to journey into the shadow to find the gift of peace.

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