Wed 6th
Brian Joseph Snyder
Your Body Never Lies

Your Body Never Lies (YBNL) is the culmination of over thirty years of exploring the work of teachers and healers for real techniques to alleviate suffering and upgrade the experience of life. It is an internal body language training system – a language that includes all messages that your body gives you, in whatever form. It can be physical sensations, impressions, feelings, thoughts, words, and sounds.
Any information that comes from your body is body language. YBNL focuses on body language because it is the language of the subconscious. When we learn to read body language, we increase our understanding of our subconscious.
This evening, Joseph will be giving a body language exposition, including an introduction to reading body language and how unresolved issues create internal and external body language. This will include a practical, group-experiential demonstration of a participant’s experience of releasing a hidden issue.

Brian was born with a heart murmur and spent much of his youth expecting to die. He also suffered abuse and mental torture, and he had plenty of reasons to fall into depression or worse. At the age of 15, two things happened near-simultaneously that gave him confidence to chart a new path: he was given ten years to live by his cardiologist and also discovered the uniqueness of his intelligence and perspective.

“I had no reason to chase a career or family, and every reason to chase a pathway of spiritual knowledge and healing. So I did. What I cast aside, what I risked, was taken from me anyway. The pursuit of spiritual knowledge and experience became everything.

The YBNL College walks students through thirty years of spiritual searching. I cut out the nonsense and left in what matters and what works. The 30 years are down to about a year of self-training that nearly anyone can do.”

Develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, ultimately increasing your grounded sense of self. YBNL teaches a simple technique to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil that can impart a sense of inner peace and control, assist in the gaining of profound insights into the mysteries of your mind-body connection, and find a pathway to self-realisation.

A short video introducing Brian and his work:

Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Doors open at 6.30pm, with the talk beginning at 7pm.
Advance tickets are £8 from Man, Myth and Magik or on the door, subject to spaces.
Please note that space is limited, and advance booking is strongly recommended.

Several further events with Brian will take place this week. Here is the YBNL newsletter with details:

These additional evenings will be hosted by Brian and are fantastic opportunities to deepen the learning and experience of Wednesday’s talk with us at Abbey House.

A note on parking at Abbey House from Glastonbury Abbey:
Parking is for Abbey staff and those with disabilities. Please park elsewhere and walk in, if possible.
Whether in a vehicle or on foot, please take care when entering and exiting the Abbey House vicinity, as there is a sharp turn onto Chilkwell Street and no pavement at first.

There are usually plenty of parking spaces nearby on the High Street or in the two local car parks.
Any questions, please email us at

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