Wed 13th
Shakti Caterina Maggi
Embodied Non-Duality Satsang

“Truth cannot be found in any words, only in the silence that witnesses everything. Nevertheless, these teachings point to that space that is beyond all experience.”

Satsang offers a direct and embodied approach to non duality for the integration of awakening in our everyday life. To sit together in this space offers a deep exploration, from the experiential, first into love as an impersonal force in all of our interactions. How may we walk the path of ego dissolution towards an autenthic freedom?

Shakti is known internationally as one of the most authentic and profound voices in contemporary spirituality. Presenting the message of Advaita and non-dual Tantra within a contemporary framework, Shakti offers, with compassion and great clarity, an inner technology for dissolving the contraction of suffering that traditionally accompanies each of our lives. Her invitation is to come to the space of inner peace and unconditional love that resides at the heart of us all.

Her key teachings are the love of transcendence, or spiritual awakening, followed by its deep integration into everyday life so that each moment can be met as a precious opportunity for spiritual growth. Her students are left with the joy of an open heart and an authentic sense of freedom within the recognition of our being as one with everything.

Shakti has collaborated with many international spiritual profit and non profit organizations, including SAND (Science and Nonduality, the creator of the Wisdom of Trauma movie), Open Circle in California, Krisnamurti Educational Centre in Canada, The Sedona Training Associates of The Sedona Method, and Pure Presence Conferences linked to A Course in Miracles.

She has also been involved in the creation of a training, together with Dr. Giusi Carrera, a master class on the exploration of non-duality in the world of therapy: From Me to the Self, A New Vision on Therapeutic Relationships.

She is a contributing author to “On the Mystery of Being,” the first anthology of science and spirituality (2019, New Harbinger) and appears in the book The Greatest Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

“…There had never been a separate identity, only one Self, empty and aware, from which Existence itself arose, as in a dream.

This empty light – emanating from a motionless space devoid of any quality – was creating everything that had ever existed. And this empty light, was me. I recognized it in everything, even those things which appeared to be non-sentient.

All of existence was suddenly revealed as the Dream of a single Dreamer, the Divine itself.”

Shakti Caterina Maggi

Join us for this rare, very precious opportunity to listen to some of Shakti’s universal teachings and to sit together in person in the heart of Glastonbury.

Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Doors open at 6.30pm, with the talk and meditation beginning at 7pm.
Advance tickets are £8 from Man, Myth and Magik or on the door, subject to spaces.
Please note that space is limited, and advance booking is strongly recommended.

Here is the evening, as listed on Facebook:

Parking is for Abbey staff and those with disabilities. Please park elsewhere and walk in, if possible.
Whether in a vehicle or on foot, please take care when entering and exiting the Abbey House vicinity, as there is a sharp turn onto Chilkwell Street and no pavement at first.

There are usually plenty of parking spaces nearby on the High Street or in the two local car parks.
Any questions, please email us at

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