Wed 20th
Salah-Eddin Gherbi
The Fifth Element:
Rainbow Bridge between the Dimensions

The Ether is the Fifth Element connecting all things in the universe, mapping out a great design that each of us can witness consciously or not, as within so without, as above so below. The discoveries and knowledge from ancient civilizations throughout the ages have indicated to us the existence of a fifth element: the constant swirling superfluid that pervades all spaces, timelines, and dimensions.

We have all potentially felt the existence or presence of the Ether. However, further exploration and scientific investigation could greatly increase the potential practical applications of the Ether for the limitless benefits of humankind on all levels of life. Although the human mind has long attempted a separation between all things, it is now time to reintegrate this element with a new understanding and consider it as the whole itself, beyond the illusion of disconnection.

In this talk, we will be discovering the essence of the Ether through Sacred Geometry, Ancient Alchemy, Astrology, Architecture, Physics and Art. All beautifully presented on a PowerPoint to highlight the universal blueprint in everything, unifying matter and spirit.

Salah-Eddin Gherbi is a writer, healer, coach, and guide who draws his knowledge and practical skills from his innate knowing, including soul alchemy, healing, and counselling.

With his scientific background, Salah is a researcher on sacred geometry and a pioneer in the development and practical applications of the ether for the benefit of humankind, in relation to Tesla’s work.

Author of the book “The Fifth Element, the Rainbow Bridge Between the Dimensions,”, Salah has shown a particular interest in the Hebrew and Greek gematria encoded in the Holy Bible as a map of creation and much more. Currently writing a second book to highlight humanity’s Christ blueprint, integral to the code of creation and the Kabbalah (tree of life).

Salah has also contributed by writing books (manual and workbook) and creating an online course, “Soul Alchemy: Create the Life You Choose,” for personal development and global transformation.

As co-creator with Sue Cawthorne, he has now dedicated his work to promoting healing and well-being on all levels.

Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Doors open at 6.30pm, with the talk beginning at 7pm.
Advance tickets are £8 from Man, Myth and Magik or on the door, subject to spaces.
Please note that space is limited, and advance booking is strongly recommended.

Parking is for Abbey staff and those with disabilities. Please park elsewhere and walk in, if possible.
Whether in a vehicle or on foot, please take care when entering and exiting the Abbey House vicinity, as there is a sharp turn onto Chilkwell Street and no pavement at first.

There are usually plenty of parking spaces nearby on the High Street or in the two local car parks.
Any questions, please email us at

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