Wed 18th
Julian Venables
The Divine Order
Astrological Enlightenment

Julian presents enlightenment for astrology enthusiasts by demonstrating experiments that will show you how to shift your perception from third-person Heliocentric consciousness to first person Geocentric consciousness.

This talk is an easy philosophical journey that will show you the difference between awareness and consciousness – an important consideration in this time of ‘Awakening.’

Julian’s theory helps to create the bridge to unify traditional and modern psychological astrology through an understanding of perception and how to ‘see’ the world.

This talk includes the real secret of the ‘Rising Sign’ and what a ‘Transit’ really is, as well as the opening of your third eye, the all-seeing eye.

We will journey with Dante through Paradise and realise why Shakespeare called his theatre The Globe.

Julian has published his first groundbreaking astrology book, called “The Divine Order.” It is a beautifully produced paperback (135 pages), and you can buy a signed copy from him at this talk.

Julian has been a client-based astrologer for more than 20 years. He was the chairman of the Brighton Astrology Group for the last 12 years. Julian’s website is, where you can book a reading or buy a powerfully lucky talisman. Julian has cast Jupiter and Venus talismans in pewter (alchemical tin), and they are very special! You, too, can own one of these and use it to enhance and increase the effects of that planet in your life. His next plan is to write books two and three of the Divine Order series. He is planning on turning the Divine Order concept into a healing workshop and retreat and taking it around the world. For more information, sign up for his occasional free newsletter.

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