Wed 19th
Ezra Vdread
Montségur, A Journey Through Time

The mysteries of Monségur, often at the forefront of modern adventure and literature, have still real power and potential for our spiritual growth and understanding now. After travelling through Europe researching aspects of the art of Mary and Mary Magdalene, arriving at Monségur, Ezra steps behind the thin veil that divides modern France with the history and mystery of The Cathars and Templars, the knowledge that so threatened the Papacy that it brought about their downfall.

Some today might prefer that the second crusade was forgotten. In 12th century France an Enlightenment was underway: The Courts of Love prevailed: Troubadours, Mystery Schools and Sects flourished in a time of peace, creativity and celebration.
The papal response was the brutal second crusade: a murderous assault on the citizens of Occitania which wiped out entire cities and lay waste to the region.  The fabled last stand of the heretics took place at Montségur, a seemingly impregnable mountain top fortress. The Cathars held out far beyond expectation, and yet after a long siege it fell and over 200 heretics burned in the field below the castle.  The church went to great lengths to destroy any trace of the knowledge of the heretics, subversive as it was to their power. Yet the people did not forget and the underground stream flowed on, giving rise to successive revivals which included the 19th century Occult Revival and the 20th century Neognostic Revivals in France. More recently, the famous Rennes-le-Château Mystery…
Ezra Vdread is a lifelong practitioner and researcher of the mystical and magical. An initiate in Gnostic, Thelemic and Tantric traditions, he is in the midst of extensive travels and investigations into mystical France where he has found that another Revival is currently underway. In this evening Ezra will share his experiences and discoveries of these mysteries, accompanied by images of his journey and featuring The Black Madonna, The White Lady, The Cathars, The Knights Templar, Rennes Le Chateau, and more.

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