Sat 22nd
Rory Duff & Friends
World Harmony Gatherings

Another of the four very special annual World Harmony Day of Group Meditations on Power Points
with Rory & friends this Saturday, 22nd September. Join any or all of three locations:
Oliver’s Castle, Glastonbury Tor, Stanton Drew Stone Circle.

On this year’s Midsummer eve, Geobiologist, professional dowser and speaker at our group, Rory Duff, invited all who would like to join in to three very special meditations at earth power points for one of four World Harmony Days this year.

The gatherings began at Oliver’s Castle near to Avebury in the morning, met on Glastonbury Tor in the afternoon, and then gathered at Stanton Drew in early evening. Some people attended all three events and others came along to one or two of the gatherings. The meditations were each deeply powerful and people reported experiencing some quite staggering synchronicities both at the time and over the days & weeks that followed.

The next Harmony time starts this Saturday 22nd September. 

Again, Rory + friends will be meeting at Olivers Castle at 9.45am in the morning. There will be people coming from Avebury, from Glastonbury, and from other parts of the UK and the world. The more people who feel drawn to joining in the better, as it is hoped and intended to make this another very special experience indeed.

Following Oliver’s Castle, there will be a gathering at the top of Glastonbury Tor at 1.00pm, and then one at Stanton Drew at 5.00pm. For those who are unable to or refer not to climb the Tor it is possible to join in with the energies from the base.

These meditations and their Solstice and Equinox timings are for a very particular and extremely important purpose for each one of us and our planet.
Rory has written full details in the link here:

Please do join us if you would like to and if you can at any or all of these times and locations. Feel welcome to share with friends. We have included the event on our PLG Facebook page as well so it is possible to share from there too.

At the Midsummer gatherings, some people additionally brought gongs, offerings, incense, special stones. The atmosphere and community created was very special and the meditations felt very deep and very powerful. Some felt moved to speak, others joined in silent prayer and meditation.

Gathering together in groups to do this energy work can really make a difference.

Please note that this event is a public one.
It is not organised by Glastonbury Positive living Group though we are in support of the wonderful intention and hope to see you at some of the meditations where possible.

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