Wed 23rd
Alison J Kay
Stabilizing Your Alignment & Steadying Your Knowing Amidst The Chaos!

‘It is intense on planet earth right now. Yet these are considered auspicious times, as we move further out of the old paradigm and more into the new. Being smack dab in the midst of shifting out of ego-dominance and into the new golden era, stuff is hitting the fan, rubber really hitting the road. You may be finding yourself even less tolerant when you want to be more, more triggered when you want to be less. And even with stronger spiritual tools, you’re still feeling connected to the seeming omnipresent negativity, misdeeds, lack of integrity and chaos.
It’s been like this since late summer. There has been an increase in the amount of and intensity of the purging of the density, as the 3D matrix seemed to simply lift off of the earth this year.
The design is for us to move into our 4D selves and eventually our 5D selves, where there’s cooperation, collaboration, unity, compassion, awareness, openness, sharing, love, agape replacing competition, one-up-manship, division, intolerance, racism, closing down…you are quite familiar with the list.
From my energy medicine work with thousands across the globe it seems like even with more advanced possibilities coming in now, and stronger spiritual tools able to be worked in these new vibrations, as these are leading us forward into our new golden era during this Grand Shift (2012-2032), there are various and specific energy blockages within the “spiritual” folks’ systems that increase the noticing of the negativity and increase being more affected by the fear and chaos.
Once these are cleared, it becomes easier to stabilize within your Alignment with Source (the Universe, the Divine, the Godhead, your Higher Self…however you want to label it), and a stronger steadying in your Intuitive Knowing. This also involves increased embodiment and presence, for you to be here, in your life, able to make the desired changes you’re called to, yet with grace and ease, rather than with difficulty and hitting walls.
Some of these energy blockages occur due to old trauma, karma, unconscious beliefs and collective influences from the masses. There are even more specific clearings to go at these blockages targeted for those who consider themselves “spiritual” or “kind, compassionate, caring folks.” Just as the materialistic folks are meant to be shifting into balancing spirituality, spiritual folks are meant to be shifting into balancing materialism. That last sentence may upset your neurology or storylines; it’s meant to 🙂
There are tendencies within the spiritual community inherited via karma, past lives, dharma, conditioning and trauma that cause you to continue to choose less for your life  that are no longer viable now, for you to remain in your optimal functioning. We need to strengthen you and your mind-body-spirit system so that you are sustaining a capacity to rise above and are indeed staying above some of these denser, more fear driven events as the collective and our planet clears.
I will do whatever clearings & activations, transmissions & applications of tools needed in order to clear out these blocks at both an individual and collective level. Once some of this old density is cleared out of your unconscious, subconscious, tissues & chakras, you’ll have an easier time magnetizing to you more of the high vibratory situations and noticing these more, while becoming decreasingly attuned to the dense, negative and ego-driven chaos. 
We want you able to feel freer, lighter and more capable of rising to whatever is presented to you, so that you’re humming along with a high vibration, and able to sustain this during these most intensely chaotic, yet highly auspicious times.
Also, I’d love the chance to activate more well-being, health & vitality in your bodies; more abundance, prosperity and ease with both receiving & magnetizing that to you; and more overall choosing to allow yourself and your life to become all it wants to be, while closing the book with you and your suffering.
You CAN have a consciousness and mind that does not repeat, that does not focus on, even that does not notice how chaotic, bad, negative or messy things are. Rather, we can arrange your consciousness via your mind-body-spirit system through this Vibrational UPgrade™️ System I spent a decade in Asia studying in order to develop after 20+ years of working with folks on this path of enlightenment, or spiritual awakening, in such a way that you are actively able to have your consciousness geared towards your thriving and the collectives’, rather than that suffering. No matter how kind, compassionate, caring, loving and concerned you are – let’s get that working IN your favor, please now, no longer as much against you!’.
Alison J. Kay works with people around the world using her Vibrational UPgrade™️ energy medicine to run clearings, activations, transmissions and healings. She is the author of the inspiring books, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? and the bestselling Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition. Alison’s new book, Reasonable Dragons: How to Activate the Field of Possibilities Where Logical Magic Is The New Normal has just been published and information and energy work from the book will be included in this evening.
See Alison’s website and facebook page for lots more information on her events, courses, CD’s and more.
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