Wed 16th
Sally Bryant
Dance Illuminations:
Feeding Your Soul Through Inner Transformation

Movement and Dance have been part of human and all creature activity throughout time. It is woven inextricably through every culture on earth in history and it is vastly important to our health, our joy and well being.

Tonight we will look at the importance of movement and dance in all forms and how this impacts our minds, bodies and spirits, and the transformation that comes about through this natural healing art.

Mostly a talk – don’t worry, you are not about to be made to get up and dance! – this is an evening to bring us completely into our bodies, Grounding so that we can truly BE ALIVE!

Sally Bryant will share the incredible journey that has taken her from early years in stage and film performance, through the exhilarating highs – and lows – of classical ballet school, of burnout and finding her way from darker times to the profound Guidance, Grace and Transformation thoughout her many years in Glastonbury.

An evening suitable for ALL: both those who already love to dance for those who shudder at the thought of dancing, who feel that for whatever reason that dance is not for them. You are all very welcome and there is something in this beautiful evening for everyone.

Sally is an experienced teacher of therapeutic movement and dance, something that she has created in her very individual style of teaching/facilitating. She currently runs Dance Illuminations classes for Women on Wednesday afternoons in Glastonbury and teaches Pilates for All on Thursday afternoons at The Red Brick Building.

Sally will be beginning a course in therapeutic movement and dance for women in Glastonbury this October: Ancient Wisdom: New Ways and Graces.

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