Thurs 10th
The Way of The Rose

‘Here is the Rose, wherein the word of God made itself flesh’.

Floral artist and writer Halima introduces us to her fascinating, illuminating journey along the path of The Sufi, sharing with us this evening her exquisite book The Way of The Rose and how this came into being. She will also share the story of her beautiful, powerful 99 Names Oracle cards.

We meet Halima’s book at its cover, which features a stunning interpretation of Dante’s vision: A white rose suspended in a galaxy, revealing among other things, Dante’s fascination with the Goddess Sophia. Seven hundred years after Dante’s vision, modern day astronomers discovered The Milky Way. The cover is also inspired by a painting by Gustav Doré, the great artist who illustrated, among a great number of works, writings by Lord Byron, Cervantes, Rabelais, Balzac, Milton, Edgar Allan Poe, and Dante.

This is a deeply magical introduction into the world of The Rose: Its fascinating history and stories in which we find connection with Goddesses of many forms, intricately woven throughout world cultures, beliefs and ancient wisdom. Halima will discuss the symbolism of The Rose, its potential for profound healing capacities and its relative to one of our own indiginous and most sacred plants.

To give a brief insight into a few of the subjects explored in the book and this evening, chapters and subheadings include:

The Cult of Isis; Aphrodite’s Rose; The Tantric Rose; Cabalistic Rose; Christian Rose; The Gnostic Rose; The Rose in Islam; The Rose of Baghdad; The Rose of the Far East; England’s Rose; Native American Roses. We are invited to explore Roses in the culinary world and of course, the Medicinal Rose, including the true and original work of Dr Edward Bach.

The conclusion of the book explores connections with The Sufi’s, The Ancient Celtic Druids, Jungian Psychology, Love Stories and Blood Lines. Halima explores Dreamwork and Intuition and Creativity in her work with this most Sacred Flower gift to humanity.

The venue tonight is the wonderful Abbey House. Doors from 7pm for start at 7.30pm. £6 on the door (£5 concs.).

There will be poetry and music included in the evening along with refreshments.
Books (signed) and cards will be available to buy.

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