Wed 30th
Godfrey Bishop
Dawn of the Light:
A talk and film
to mark the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab

Today, most of us may be unaware of the religious upheaval which took place in 19th century Persia as a consequence of the mission of the Báb, Prophet Herald of the Bahá’í Faith or indeed of the legacy of those events closer to home.

Godfrey and Nandini Grace Bishop first lived in Glastonbury in the mid-nineties, have lived here for much of the ensuing period and are now happily settled back in the town. They both became Bahá’ís in February 1977 and their Faith took them to India in 1982 where Godfrey served as Headmaster and Vice-Principal of an international Bahá’í school which had pupils and staff from 36 nationalities. Nandini, whose family links with India go back to the 18th century, has given two recent presentations to the PLG on spiritual themes.

To mark the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb, Godfrey is introducing a newly released 48 minute film entitled ‘Dawn of the Light’ which follows the personal search for truth and meaning undertaken by eight people from different parts of the world whose stories are explored against the backdrop of the remarkable life of the Báb, the forerunner of Bahá’u’lláh.

In his talk, Godfrey will explain the events leading up to the Báb’s dramatic execution in 1850 at the age of only 31 years. Despite the Islamic clergy’s attempts to eradicate the Bábís, putting twenty thousand to death in the aftermath of the Bab’s martyrdom and persecuting many more, the tenets of His Faith prepared the way for the declaration of Bahá’u’lláh in 1863 whose teachings such as progressive revelation; independent investigation of truth linked to abolishing the clergy; the emancipation of women, giving priority to the education of girls, aroused a fierce opposition in Iran which persists to the present day.

Godfrey will explain the relationship between the Báb’s tumultuous six year ministry and the growth of the Bahá’í Faith worldwide including its strong resonance in Glastonbury 100 years ago, the impact in his own life and finally suggest that humanity’s ultimate destiny is a lasting peace founded on the unstoppable spiritual forces now at work.

£6 (£5 concs.) on the door including refreshments.

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