Wed 4th
Dave Balian
Four Fold Breath, Extending Ki:
Ancient Ways of Conflict Resolution

Beginning October in harmony and balance, preparing ourselves for this month and the season ahead, an evening of gentle yet powerful meditations by candlelight. This evening will be about personal empowerment through collective breath.

What was behind ‘The Great Teacher’ O Sensei’s assertion that Aikido could lead to World Peace? What is the powerful connection between Ki Breathing and Four Fold Breath? How can linking these two beautiful techniques bring about balance and harmony?

In this deeply contemplative evening, Dave Balian will take us on his journey through the conflict of youth to the realisations and spiritual awakenings brought about by extending Ki and calming the mind.

Dave is a teacher of Aikido and practices Ki Breathing and Ki~atsu. He has worked in Nurture Groups supporting young people to stay centred and positive through their school experience. He is an Organic Companion Gardener working in Somerset, Sussex and London, a Storyteller and Musician.

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