Wed 11th
The Gateway of Peace

Tareth will speak about how Glastonbury is one of the gateways to understanding the awakening of the unity and harmony of our spiritual consciousness that the living Earth can help us to live.

He will talk about how this works with the ley lines, the crystalline grid and the DNA vibrations.

Tareth uses these connection as part of his manifestation of their sounds and this evening he will lead a meditation and ask for the sounds of the Glastonbury gateway to manifest to ‘speak’ to our hearts and minds.

Tareth Peace

Tareth is one of the leading teachers, healers and mystics of the present time. Tareth is a true source incarnation, teaching the unity and harmony of the new era that you will help to create. He brings the sign of all true source teachers the ability to manifest matter from spirit to show you that you are not alone. He teaches that you are the way and that your freedom to be your real self is the key to transformation. It is the time for old doctrines to give way to love and union of the spirit of the creation. There are no doctrines, all are welcome, this is a journey into your freedom.

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