Wed 18th
Riell Greyeyes
The Revival of Witchcraft in the 20th Century: The Birth of Wicca

Riell Greyeyes will discuss the history of modern pagan witchcraft starting from the 1920s and examining its fascinating development with reference to those who were instrumental to the revival of witchcraft in the 20th century.

From the ‘Father’ of Wicca, Gerald Gardner, to the ‘King’ of the Witches, Alex Sanders, to the greatest High Priestesses of the Craft, Doreen Valiante and Pat Crowther ~ just to mention a few ~ we shall see how they gave birth and transformed magical practices based on their strong personalities. We will look at what Wicca as a religion has claimed to be, and it’s four main branches: Hereditary, Traditional, Gardnerian and Alexandrian witchcraft. Examining the central doctrines, we shall examine the leading personalities of modern Wicca and follow the movement into the US, where Dianic Witchcraft and Reclaiming first saw the light of day. Just for fun, we will look at how sometimes Witchcraft descended into ‘Bitchcraft’ and how the movement resolved its internal conflicts. We will touch upon the most sensitive issue at that time: is modern Wicca a revival of ancient magical practices or something entirely different? Is there a direct line from the Old Gods to the practitioners of Wicca today?

Essentially, we shall look at the instrumental and transforming power of Wicca and see how Magic gives illumination, meaning and substance to everyday life.

Gabriella Wiica candle

Riell shared an exciting and extremely well received evening at our group last October when she brought her illuminating presentation covering the History of Witchcraft and Paganism up until the early nineteenth century. As we approach Samhain this year, we are absolutely delighted to welcome her again.
Riell was born in the country that has often been called Transylvania. She has worked in the College of Psychic Studies in Kensington, London, where she taught Tarot and Psychic Development for Beginners and at an Advanced Level.
She has lectured in London for The Pagan Federation on various subjects within Paganism, taught at Auckland University in NZ and has taken an active part in the Goddess Movement at home as well as abroad.
She practices in her own ways, in her own tradition and makes apologies for none of it. She loves teaching and currently she is the Head of Religious Studies in an independent school in the West Country.

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