Wed 25th
Hugh le Prevost
The Four Hallows & The Thirteen Treasures of Britain
Talk and Launch of ‘The Book of A Million Years’.

As Samhain approaches, Hugh le Prevost will take us on a journey into the stories of the Thirteen Treasures of King Arthur, tales of Merlin, and how their lives were profoundly influenced by and connected with The Fae.
During this evening, Hugh will launch ‘The Book of A Million Years’, an exquisite volume of esoteric wisdom written in the form of an Illuminated Manuscript.

The ‘Thirteen Treasures of Britain’ are famous artefacts from Celtic legend. At a time when Arthur and Merlin protected the realm, these divine hallows were gifts of the divine age. Given to Kings as a sign of their sovereignty, each treasure had its own way of testing a King’s worthiness. Designed to be wielded by the righteous and the brave, they often fell into the hands of those who inhabited darker realms.

The King and the Land were One, but in order to rule he had to possess the gifts of Sovereignty, which consisted of The Four Hallows: The Stone of Destiny, The Sword of Nuada, The Spear of Lugh, and The Cauldron of Dagda. These gifts came from The Tuatha De Dannan, the ‘Otherworld’ or Land of The Fae. We need only to look at the stories of King Arthur to see how Celtic High Kings were ruled by the Otherworld. The Legend of the Thirteen Treasures tell how they were taken by Merlin who sailed them in a glass boat to Ynys Enlli, or Bardsey Island, where he guards them to this day.

All are welcome to join us for an enlightening evening!

Wine and nibbles will be available alongside our selection of teas.

On Wednesday afternoon, in advance of the evenings presentations, Hugh will be in conversation with presenter Steve Lee live on Gfm radio at 5.15pm or on 107.1fm local frequency.


Hugh Wales

Born in Guernsey, Hugh le Prevost was inspired to seek the truth, becoming a Lay Minister at an early age and pursuing the practice and teachings of this for many years until, inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Christian Rozenkreuz, he was drawn to travel and the exploration of sacred sites around the world and the wide study of mystical teachings.
Hugh has lived in Glastonbury for 16 years and he continues to lecture and to pursue his studies with appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that Britain has to offer.

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