Wed 29th
Madeleine Walker
How the animal kingdom can guide us home to Unity Consciousness

This is a time like no other, where it is imperative for us to unify and reconnect with the animal and nature realms in honouring our beloved Mother Earth, but also ‘remembering’ how to connect with ourselves. Our domestic pets and the wild species, gift us with the ‘knowing’ that we are all one! For the sake of our Mother and the future of humankind’s ascension, we have to start listening and re-learning from the wisdom of nature.

Madeleine will discuss the profound connections our pets have with us as deeply sentient beings and vital components of our soul families through many lifetimes. She will relay that every creature can have a message for us, from a house fly to a humpback whale and that we should never underestimate the importance of their wisdom. Madeleine will also share with us, the incredible encounters and messages gifted to her by the wild species including many large cetacean beings that she has swum with in the oceans of Gaia. We will hear about the white lion wisdom that she has been gifted, having just returned from the heartlands of the white star beings in South Africa, and much more…

Madeleine is passionate about raising awareness of the deep connections we have with our animals and how committed they are to being our greatest healers and teachers. She travels widely lecturing and connecting with wild species in their natural habitats, garnering their messages for us and our beautiful planet. She is constantly amazed at the ways her work is expanding, sometimes with the help of some very unusual sources of wisdom!

Madeleine is the author of 4 books, 4 meditation CDs and 2 card sets and some of these will be available to buy on the evening. For more information, please see:

Madeleine and dogs High resMadeleine and two very loved friends!

Swimming with Whale Sharks…whaleshark madeleine 2011

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