Wed 28th
Neil Spencer
The Astrology of The Avalonians

The artists, historians, visionaries and myth-makers who have helped regenerate Glastonbury as a spiritual centre in modern times are justly celebrated; among them Katherine Maltwood, Wellesley Tudor Pole, Dion Fortune, Marianne Bradley, John Michell and others.

This talk examines the ideas and horoscopes of ‘The Avalonians’ and how both reflect the times they lived in. Do their individual star charts have anything in common, might they cast light on the astrological identity of Glastonbury itself, and does the ‘Age of Aquarius’ have anything to do with the town’s renaissance?

Neil Spencer is a well known journalist. His writings on music, astrology and film have appeared in The Observer, Mojo, Uncut, NME and elsewhere. He is the author of True As The Stars Above, Adventures in Modern Astrology (Gollancz 2000) and is the scriptwriter of Bollywood Queen (2006) and Burning Men (2019).

See Neil’s website at ; Twitter @neilspencercom

Painting (main image): Tor through Meadows by Brakeman
Photo: Early morning Midsummer Tor


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