Wed 3rd
Plastic Free Wells Team
Working With Wells:
Our Plastic Free Journey

Tonight we will be joined by three members of the Plastic Free Wells Team who will bring us insight into their fantastic project. Come along and find out who Plastic Free Wells are, what this actually means, and why they have chosen this project.

We will learn about who the team are working with in Wells and what they are doing about plastics, in particular ‘single use’ plastics and what current and future aims are. How can we, the audience, help?

Questions to ponder before, during and after tonight’s talk:


  • Plastic – is it fantastic? is it the stuff of nightmares? – or is it somewhere in the middle?


  • Where will we continue to need plastic?


  • Are there suitable alternatives to plastic?


  • Do we, the general public, know enough about all the different types of plastic and how to recycle them? Are plastic items suitably and clearly labelled?


  • Who should be tackling the plastic issue – individuals, businesses or the government?
    Whose responsibility is it?


  • What changes regarding plastic have you noticed – if any – in shops and supermarkets?


  • Have your shopping and consumer habits changed towards plastic over the last few years?


Some of these questions will be touched upon during the course of the evening, others are for us all to continue to ponder, discuss and research.

There will be a Q & A session at the end of the evening and this will also be your opportunity to tell us what you think about plastic, its usage and our worldwide consumption of it. We very much welcome your involvement and discussion.

We hope that this evening may inspire some of you to either join us, or to do your own personal research, or to form your own group locally.

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