Wed 21st
Karuna Joy
An All Love Sekhem Healing Journey
Positive Living evening
optional weekend workshop

An All Love Sekhem Healing Journey is a precious opportunity to dive deeply into our heart, heal our past, and connect with our spiritual light. This beautiful, transformational healing energy vibrates through all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
Karuna Joy is honoured and delighted to be opening safe, sacred healing space for the truth of our spiritual light to once again awaken. This will be an evening of silent and guided meditations, allowing music and sound vibration to deeply support our healing and the reawakening of our spiritual heart, the core essence of who we are.
This evening will be an experiential journey where we may again become deeply in touch with all aspects of our being. This is a beautiful opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. Vibrational Sound Medicine greatly deepens our healing and awakening journey. It is a true homecoming.

Karuna Joy is travelling from the USA to spend this time with us and is very much looking forward to meeting us all.

Following the Wednesday evening, Karuna Joy will be offering a rare weekend workshop in Glastonbury for those would like to deepen into the experience in a smaller circle. 

This will be a precious weekend, a gentle and yet powerful space in which we will travel even further into the incredible energies of vibrational sound medicine.

Please bring a mat/blanket/cushion to feel extra cosy if you wish to for during the meditations.

The All Love Sekhem Spiritual Healing Journey Weekend

Nov 24th & 25th, 10am to 6pm

The opportunity during this darker part of the year, to listen to the call to inner journeying and deep transformation, to dive into our heart, heal our past, and connect with our spiritual light. A time to relax and simply allow these healing energies to vibrate through us on all levels.
The weekend will consist of both silent and guided meditations, gentle, healing movement, and sound medicine to support the reawakening of our spiritual heart, the core essence of who we are. 
This is a personal journey in which we may again become in touch with the deepest aspects of ourselves and to let go of what no longer serves us. In this precious place we can allow ourselves to rest, recuperate and renew. It is in this time of giving ourselves the gift of true relaxation and peace that we may just ‘Be’, and in doing so we plant the seeds of the coming year in rich earth.
If possible, please attend the entire journey, as the longer you are immersed in this beautiful energy, the deeper your healing and spiritual awakening’. – Karuna Joy
The All Love Weekend Workshop will take place at the cosy and luxurious Goddess House, Magdalene Street.

£100 for the entire weekend
          (£50 for single day)

For more information and to contact Karuna Joy please see

You can additionally find details of this workshop in the November edition of Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine.
Karuna Joy has been a practitioner and teacher of the healing arts and meditation for the past 27 years, in Spain, the Bahamas, Egypt, and America. She is dedicated to opening sacred space for her clients and students to awaken to their inner perfection and divine heart. The journey then unfolds gracefully in all levels of their being, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. One of her missions is to empower people with the knowing that they can self heal as they return to wholeness. They are provided with meditations and many ways of managing their energy.
Sound Vibrational Healing, Yoga of the Voice, Laughter Yoga, All Love Spiritual Healing, ThetaHealing, Energetic Well Being Process, Integrated Energy Therapy, Light Re-Alignment Healing, and Open Awareness Meditation, are among her favorite healing perspectives to teach in groups and share in private sessions.
“The All-Love weekend with Karuna Joy was amazing. Karuna is such an incredible healer and intuitive. She creates such a safe place for healing and letting go. Each day I experienced a clearing and felt lighter. I have experienced a lot of healing modalities and the All-Love was quite powerful. It was an incredible experience that I highly recommend.”
 Debbie, Ashburn, Virginia, attendee for All Love Weekend“All love helped me to face my fears that I never was able to face. It helped me to open my heart to myself and to the world. I could experience a spiritual ecstasy on the earth that I haven’t experienced ever in my life. I feel like a new person.” FG, Reston, Virginia, client and student of All Love Spiritual Healing“Karuna is an incredible teacher that weaves her beautiful voice and assorted instruments with the All Love Energy. She has one of the strongest connections to the Energy. If you are interested in experiencing All Love, I highly recommend Karuna.”
 Patrick Zeigler, founder of All Love Spiritual Healing

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*Please bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow*


Contact Karuna Joy at (703)-472-3481
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