Thurs 15th
Renchi Bicknell
Clarence Bicknell
– Man of Marvels –
Botanist, Artist, Esperantist,
friend of Dr Goodchild of the blue bowl,
Archaeologist discoverer of many thousands of
Bronze Age rock engravings in the Alpes Maritimes.

In tonight’s presentation and short film, Renchi, Marcus and Susie Bicknell tell the incredible story of their Great Great Uncle, Clarence Bicknell: Botanist, Artist, Pacifist, Esperantist, friend of Dr Goodchild of the Blue Bowl, and Archaeologist discoverer of many thousands of Bronze Age rock engravings in the Alpes Maritimes.

This year we recognise the 100th anniversary of Clarence’s death in 1918. 

His life is a celebration of the maverick spirit! Destined for life in the church, Clarence threw off the dog collar and embraced instead, the beauty, the detail and wonder of nature with his outstanding ability to draw, study and research it in all its forms, from botany to archaeology. In a spirited life, a parallel to Blake, Turner and later, the free spirits of the 1960’s, Clarence moved from London to Italy and with the passion of a true Renaissance man, took to the mountains in his heavy Norfolk tweed coat and proceeded to paint in watercolour, the flora and fauna of the region. He discovered and documented pre-historic rock engravings, found and recorded fossils and pressed flowers. His was a true exploration of the depths and gifts of nature.

Clarence Bicknell was a product of the late Victorian Enlightenment, driven by a desire to understand our world and the quest to represent and express it creatively. He lived of course, at the same time of those we describe as The Avalonians. During his years in Italy, Clarence made great friendships with prominent figures of the International artistic community in Bordighera including such luminaries as George Macdonald, Claude Monet, Peter Kropotkin, and Doctor John Arthur Goodchild, discoverer of The Blue Bowl. The solid friendship between Clarence and Dr Goodchild is written about in Clarence’s extensive diaries of the time along with other collegues and friends.

In an inspiring introduction to this extraordinary man, this is an evening to shine a light on a genius and free spirit who was, and is now, an inspiration to the artist and explorer in us all.

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Glastonbury Town Hall
Doors open from 7pm for start at 7.30pm.
Please arrive close to 7pm and in good time before the start
£5 on the door incl. light refreshments

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