Wed 24th
Alan Payne
The Healing Power of Herbs

Herbal medicine is probably the oldest form of medicine known. Human beings have used plants as medicine since time immemorial, and herbs are used throughout the world in order to promote health and prevent disease.

Each herb has a complex biochemistry – phytochemicals that are perfectly matched to our needs. Every herb has known actions and qualities, with affinities to one or more body system or organ, and a herbalist is trained to know these qualities and will prescribe herbs accordingly. Today both patient and practitioner benefit from a combination of traditional herbal wisdom and scientific research.

A herbalist can treat both chronic and acute conditions, and can treat the very old and the very young.

Herbal medicines are often given in liquid form as ‘tinctures’. Usually just a few drops of the tincture need to be taken in water 2 or 3 times daily, making this a very convenient and economical way of using herbal medicine. Tinctures are either made with a single herb, known as a ‘simple’, or as a formula containing 2 or more herbs, but always with individual needs in mind. Herbs can also be taken as teas or in capsule form, or applied as creams, ointments or poultices.

Alan recently gave an outstanding talk to our group, providing incredible insight into the understanding of iridology. Tonight, he will draw from over 35 years as a herbalist to present an evening discussing not only the medicinal properties of herbs but also some little-known facts and histories of herbs. Alan will also accompany his information with some of the physical and metaphysical properties of each herb.

Abbey House, Chilkwell Street.
Doors 6.30pm for a start at 7pm. £8 (£7).
Tickets are available now from Man, Myth & Magik, or on the door, subject to spaces.
This is the shop directly to the left of Glastonbury Abbey.

We would like to do our upmost to be attentive to the needs of everyone attending our talks, including those who have delicate immune systems. If you have a cough, cold, or are similarly unwell, please come along on another occasion when you are fully recovered. If this means that you will miss a talk that you are particularly keen on attending, please contact us in advance so that we can explore what we can do to assist.

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