Wed 31st
Merlin of Avalon
Alchemy of the Heart

What are monatomic elements? What is white powder gold? Is chemistry related to spirituality? What happens if our consciousness becomes monatomic? Is this Ascension?
The so-called ‘white powder gold,’ manufactured by alchemists, is said to have many magical properties. Egyptian pharoahs are shown holding small cones of white powder gold, and the Israelites injested white powder gold, which they called ‘Manna.’ Monatomic Gold can be taken internally, and brings many health benefits, such as increased energy levels, strengthened immunity, and longevity. White powder gold has electrical properties that raise the frequency of the energy body, regenerate the pineal gland, and open the subtle pranic channels in the body.

Merlin has succeeded in manufacturing the so-called Philosopher’s Stone, and will be sharing his insights into how Alchemy relates to tantra, yoga, and the evolution of consciousness. The “gold” of the alchemists is related to the attainment of spiritual gnosis and the unveiling of the true nature of reality and the self.

Monatomic Gold has been found to occur naturally in these substances:
Morning dew, sea water, sea salt, subterranean lakes,holy wells, blue-green algae, seaweed, water cress, aloe vera, coconut milk and oil, mistletoe, almonds, red grapes, plums, violet skins of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, barleygrass, psilocybin, fly agaric, DMT, cannabis, nettles, burdock root, St John’s wort, golden seal, carrots, green beans, kale, iodine, THC, hemp oil, flax seed, gossamer, spider webs, quartz, citrine, sandstone, limestone, volcanic ash, chalk, calcite, amber, honey, pine resin, beeswax, amber, frankincense, propolis, pine nuts, turpentine, witch hazel, phosphorous, elderflower pollen, meadowsweet, and lime flowers.

Merlin is a local speaker, ceremonialist, and bard who has been a practitioner of various forms of esoteric traditions for over 35 years, including astrology, earth energies, alchemy, and meditation techniques. He is particularly known for his connection to the indigenous ancestors of Albion and Avalon. As a well known teacher of both shamanic and gnostic ancient wisdom, Merlin promotes a non-denominational approach to universal spirituality, encouraging multi-faith dialogue, to build bridges and heal sectarian division.

Abbey House. Doors from 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
£8 (£7), with organic refreshments included.
We were hoping to have advance tickets for this talk, but due to the bank holiday, entry is on the door tonight on a first arrival basis.

Limited seating. Please arrive in good time before 7pm (we will open the doors at 6.30pm).

If you would like to contact Merlin directly for more information about Monatomic Gold, Astrology, Healing Oils and Tinctures, Ceremonies, Talks, or for anything else:

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