Sat 20th & Sun 21st
Pascal & Claire
The Harmonisation of Natural Spaces
The Glastonbury Training in
Médecine Symbolique

Pascal and Claire teach Médecine Symbolique, the extraordinary system of rebalancing and healing using dowsing rods, known in English as “Symbolic Medicine.”

They are currently running the very first ever Médecine Symbolique full dowsing training in Glastonbury, which will run through this year into next in the form of a weekend’s training approximately every two months.

Now is the final opportunity to join this year’s training, the very first of its kind in the UK.

This Friday, 19th May, there will be a one-day workshop.
The day will serve as a general interest dowsing experience for those who would like a solid exploration into the Médecine Symbolique technique in itself, but it is also a fascinating introduction to all the information required to join this year’s training, should you wish to continue on to do this.

£70.00 for the full day. Please see the previous event listing on this website to read more.
To join the Friday one-day workshop, please contact us at

The practitioner training itself is held in a small group for individual attention. There is lots of hands-on experience, indoors and outdoors, and time for practise with other students in Glastonbury between weekends.

Some background to the technique:

Medecine Symbolique© This method was discovered in 2006 by Rose and Gilles Gandy. It is based on the observation that the habitat (i.e. the place – such as a house or apartment – where a person lives) reflects the unconscious problematics of its inhabitants, which can be detected simply by the use of dowsing rods (a bio-sensitive detection instrument). Then, once the inhabitant’s consciousness is aroused, it is possible to act on the detected phenomena, always through symbolic language, which leads to the disappearance of disturbing symptoms in the habitat as well as in the inhabitant. This method is also used in one to one healing sessions .

Trying to heal the body and/or the mind is no longer enough: we all have to take care of our soul, the most spiritual part of the human being. Indeed, a medicine of the soul allows to heal itself really, beyond the disappearance of the symptoms. It implies an opening of consciousness, the key to real change.
Medecine Symbolique offers training, internships, workshops to discover the language of the soul and fully use this medicine of the future in everyday life.

The May 20th & 21st weekend in Glastonbury:

‘The Harmonisation of Natural Spaces.’


– natural spaces;

– where to find the spirit of the place, symbolism;

  The five elements: physical, emotional and mental symbolism;

– water: calibration on the water spirit (ondine, water nymph), detection, interpretation;

– fire: calibration on the fire spirit (salamander), detection, interpretation;

– air-metal: calibration on the air spirit (sylphs), detection, interpretation;

– the earth: calibration on the earth spirit (wyvern), detection, interpretation;

– wood: calibration on the wood spirit (trees), detection, interpretation;

– protocol for harmonizing parcels of land and natural spaces.

To join this training, there is an introductory day on Friday 19th May, 9am – 5pm in the Avalon Room, The Glastonbury Experience. We will spend the morning indoors and the afternoon outside.

The day costs £70.00 and will give you all the tools that you need to join this incredible, life-changing course.

The Novala Room, The Goddess House, Magdalene Street. 9.30am – 5pm.

The training itself is £140 per weekend, and there is a weekend through the year, spaced approximately two months apart. The next weekend after this one, for those on the training this time, will be on Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th August.

The next training weekend following May, will take place on Friday evening, 25th August, and on Saturday & Sunday, 26th and 27th August. The title for this weekend is:

Emotional pollutions, entities, nodes and fragments.

This module deals with the invisible pollution left by very high emotional stress, both in the body and in the house. They frequently refer to unconscious problems that are unsolved or to old memories imprinted in the habitat and the inhabitants.

For questions, any further details, or to book, please contact us at

Pascal and Claire have some spaces available for one-to-one healing sessions on the morning of Thursday 18th May. If you would like to book a session, please email us. The price of the one hour healing session is £60.00. We are also taking bookings now for one-to-one sessions on Thursday 24th August.

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