Thurs 16th
Aurel Lyra
The Holographic Lensing Chamber

A hydrogen atom is only 0.0000000000004% matter; a super-thin glaze of starstuff which gives us a place to be here in 3 dimensional spacetime, regardless of how improbable.
This talk will be an exploration of how the universe can be thought of as being a vast field of symbolic imagery created by thought and etched in light which resonates and recombines, and incorporates humans as its eyes and ears.
This freely-commandable holographic suite is functioning at all times, and thinking of it as such makes life more fluid. A hologram carries no burdens or beliefs.
You’re not from here. You’re from hyperspace.
Currently living in a fold of central Exmoor, Aurel Lyra shares a home with a chubby white cat, where they both enjoy lots of ambient space music. After 25 years of therapeutic practice, his wandering and observing have culminated in the publication of cosmic guidebook ‘Hologenics’.

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