Wed 22nd
Dechen Chodron
East Meets West
West Meets East

Dechen Chodron, formally Susan Johnson:
‘Feeling that there had to be more to life than I had seen in the smallest county in England, Rutland, I decided to travel to the Himalayas because a girl friend kept sending me postcards. A meeting with Astrologer Palden Jenkins predicted that I would do something important in 1980. At the time foretold I found myself on a journey to India and Nepal. The press announced ‘Will local girl return?’
My introduction to Deli was to sit on my suitcase at the busy airport for a whole day. Shocked at such poverty and disease I wanted to do something to help and initially on the journey my thinking was that I would return to these places work for a charity. I had no idea that years later with a  group of friends, I would start a charity in the West to enable Westerners to help educate children from Nepal and Tibet.
From small acorns, Oak trees grow.
This evening I would like to share with you the story of this adventure and present the precious work that has evolved from this’.







All children deserve an  Education, Food, Clothing, Clean water.

Bringing hope to Himalayan and Tibetan children in Nepal.

Please come and  listen to my story and see how the school has developed over the past ten years.

‘I really appreciate the faith and dedication that Lama Khenpo has given to establishng this school where Dharma may florish. I, the Dalai Lama, am calling upon everyone to support this project with all possible effort. I am sending my prayers for the fulfilment of all Lama Khenpo’s noble wishes’.

~ H.H.Dalai Lama


[Images: copyright Dechen Chodron Art]

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