Wed 8th
David Ash
A Vortex Physics from Yoga
Spirit into a Science
that blows away materialism
Music and Mysticism

Bringing together science and spirituality through a theory that subatomic particles are whirlpools of light David Ash refutes materialism and, accounting for other worlds, miracles, magic and prophecy, he describes the resonance process, which will enable us to ascend into higher dimensions of light and attain eternal life. David believes the Earth is a womb of angels, that we are angels in the making and that we graduate as angels through ascension after many lifetimes of arduous training.

David launched his new Vortex physics at the Royal Institution in 1975 then toured the world lecturing on his paradigm busting physics melding mysticism and matter in a way never before possible with predictions of forthcoming planetary and human ascension. David is author of The Vortex: Key to Future Science (Gateway Books 1990) The New Science of the Spirit (College of Psychic Studies 1995) The New Physics of Consciousness & The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Books 2007) The Vortex Theory & Continuous Living (Kima 2015) AWAKEN (Kima 2018).

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