Wed 8th
Jo Kenworthy
Conscious Dreamer of the Mayan Wavespell

Jo has been exploring the Mayan Wavespell since she first came to a
Glastonbury Positive Living Group talk in 2011

This talk has been designed to be experiential and magickal to connect to our dreamself.
Jo will share her journey of this process and how it has expanded her own conscious awareness in a very practical way…
as well as on a spiritual level

The Mayan Wavespell is a powerful tool to assist the human being who is ready to consciously transform
Part of this process is to become aware of their structure ~ Saturnian Codes
which reveals patterning and conditioning
Ancestral and Spiritual codes of creation
Karmic Understanding

and …
most importantly
how to transform this structure
It allows awareness of their potentiality ~ Starcode and Mayan Signs reveals this .

If you wish to know your Mayan Sign :
Before you come to the talk enter you birth date into this decoder:

Your Galactic Signature

and bring the info with you

We can see a pattern for the evening in our circle through these codes.

The Blue Night Code of the Conscious Dreamer has been significant to the Summer Solstice Pattern
and the shift to greater conscious awareness
The Sacred Feminine returning is key to this 260 Day process

Jo Kenworthy

Jo Kenworthy

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