Wed 1st
Martin Campbell
Deities that challenge mainstream concepts of Spirituality and Sexuality

Martin Campbell was a senior manager in the NHS. In 2012 he narrowly survived a catastrophic stroke. However, with love, spirituality and positivity, made a significant recovery. It changed his life. He is now a historical fiction novelist, crystal therapist and runs an Airbnb guest house with his partner in Glastonbury. He is also the first UK priest of the revived faith of Antinous ‘the Gay God’.
 antinous wood
Martin writes about the lost history of Gods, Goddesses and historical figures who did/do not conform to standard concept of spiritual sexuality (‘one man and one woman’). There are a surprising number of them, and Martin asks the question: why were we never taught about these? 
This talk will set the context of the historical and modern World in which these conversations need to be considered, describing the known range of deities which challenge mainstream constructs of spirituality.
Martin will describe his own God and ask us to consider his importance to people, especially young people, in the UK and Glastonbury today.
As always, everyone is very warmly welcome for an illuminating, thought~provoking evening, which this week will be accompanied by a selection of beautiful, classical slide images.
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Martin Campbell and Antinous bust (2)

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