Wed 15th
Art of Sacred Geometry
The Flower of Life Revealed

What if the Flower of Life was, actually, a key to unlocking a whole system of information for the structure of life on this planet? Like a coding language without words; A language that all people can speak. A language to surpass all other languages. An ultimate, unifying truth that transcends verbal translation.

Did our ancestors leave clues to unlocking the nature of reality in the patterns and symbols they left throughout the architecture of churches, temples and other religious and cultural buildings?

What if the Flower of Life was the key to a dormant language, inherent within you and when you interact with it, you are awakening the energy of creation within?

Imagine The Flower of Life represents a 3D system of blueprint geometry, which is perpetually creating itself and the world around us!

Louise invites you to join her on a journey of discovery, where she shares with you her insights to a deeper understanding of what this truly incredible symbol could actually mean.

The Flower of Life Revealed – Live Presentation

An enlightening talk featuring two, stunningly animated, sacred geometry visualisation meditation films, that fully demonstrate what it feels like to experience Sacred Geometry as a language without words!


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