Wed 6th
Rory Duff
Synchronicity and Repairing one of the World’s largest Earth Energy line Nodes

Back in 2012, Dowser, writer and researcher, Rory Duff, spoke to the Glastonbury Positive Living group about his research on Earth Energy lines. During that talk he asked if anyone in the audience could help him repair a major earth energy line node in Europe. Three people came forward at the end saying they had been drawn to come along that night and now they felt that that this was because they were there to help with this repair project.

Three of us boarded a plane to Spain just three weeks after the PLG meeting. The synchronicity that led up to this moment and throughout the work done over in Spain was, and still is, off the scale.

This talk is about this synchronicity and the dowsing that led up to this repair job which could only be done by the right team of people. It also introduces what was subsequently found where the node was last fully functional. Archaeologists have determined that this was the site of Europe’s largest Bronze Age city.

Rory Duff trained as a Geologist and has worked in this area for many years. For the last decade he has been exploring a new area of research within the field of Geobiology. Geobiology is the study of how the Earth itself affects living things and also how life affects the Earth. Rory’s specific research is into ultra low frequency sound and electromagnetic waves and how they affect people who live on, or near, to powerful sound energy concentrations.

He was one of the first people who discovered that the Earth emanated spherical standing waves of sound from its centre. Concentrations of these low frequency sounds can be detected on the surface of the Earth. His research into this area enabled him to learn much more about them and their impact on living beings.

Rory has a keen interest in the investigating of natural Earth mysteries and has stumbled across a connection to the Grail Legend and the Universal Prophecy. He has written three fascinating books about these.

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